Welcome to our temporary website! We are working on a new kick-ass forum - so hold tight until www.sanctified-guild.co.uk is ready.

Sanctified of Frostmane is looking for new members!

Are you decidated and skilled player, eager for progress with fellow guild mates? Are you looking for more than just raiding? Looking forward to know people across the globe? Than look no further. We can offer you all of that!

We expect complete devotion from our members and they have all the rights to expect same from us. We expect them to preform to your limits when that is needed. In return we offer you a stable raid enviorment with friendly officer crew and members. We even take care of social part of game with events that everyone is always looking forward to.

Raiding started with some stuttering over the christmas holidays.  Holidays are now over so we're hoping that people will be back gaming and we are very much in need of some healers in guild.  At the moment - the person is more important than the gear.  If you have the right personality - don't be shy - get in touch!

The soul of a good guild is co-operation amongst its members so lets team up together to make sure we stay free of ganking and get into the team spirit of levelling again.

Sanctified is more than a guild ... it's a community.

And with community - we don't just mean Warcraft - no, no no.  We mean Starcraft, LOTRO, and will be working as a community for all of our gaming friends.

If you're thinking about rerolling, or just want a place to hang out while running round Mount Hijal (or hanging out with Harrison Jones in Uldum) - this could be your home.

There are a few things you should know before you apply to us just so you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Primarily - we're aiming to become a community.  We know how to enjoy community spirit and that makes us something of a social guild. And the social aspect of WoW is more rewarding than shiny purples. Well, at least we think so, If you disagree then this isn't the guild you are looking for.

I don't think you will find a more "Piss Taking" environment to play in. There will always be some /popcorn moments. So if you are easily offended, bite pillows, munch rugs, count gold, polymorph penguins, are obsessed with pie (or cake), or just about anything else - you can expect to get involved with the business end of some general mockery. Lets face it - it's difficult to take yourself too seriously as a dress wearing troll wieling magic - if you're brave enough to do that as a male troll because it makes you "manly" - all the better! .  

If you cant handle the mockery, or can't give it back, then this probably isn't the guild you want to play in and you shouldn't waste your time applying.

If you're interested, check out our recruitment status and guild rules on forum.

Don't hesitate, apply now!

Much love, Jez x